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The NormSkull Book

NormSkull: Featuring the hand carved skulls of Norm Grabowski

Norm Grabowski

Announcing a short run publishing of NormSkull, a collection of wood works by Norm Grabowski

Expected in the third quarter of 2024, Rumpsville will offer a 60 page hard bound book featuring a photographic collection of over 200 uniquely hand carved wooden skull themed sculptures produced by Norm Grabowski between 2000-2010. Drop a message in the comments for more details.

Norm Grabowski is a well known hotrod enthusiasts and innovator, actor and comedian.

Skull of the Day


7-Ball by Norm Grabowski 2008

An Early Norm Skull


Jim Wright has an early 1990’s skull mounted on a nice wood base with hammered brass. Norm made a handful of these. Most are numbered on the bottom in roman numerals, possibly a black coin with a signature and or caricature of Norm are common identifiers.

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Mel Lock’s Pool Cue Case

Case7.jpgWhen I first started Rumpsville in 1995, one of the first folks I met online was Mel Locke. Mr. Locke is a close friend of Norm Grabowski and shares an interest in Norm’s woodworking and hot rods. At that time I was researching the many facets of Norm. Mel in formed me he was going to be visiting the Nashville area for a TAG pool tournement and suggested we meet. He brought one of Norm’s personal boxes of photos and magazine clippings to scan and document. This was in 1996 or so and the internet was not mainstream media but Mel was onboard. Thanks Mel, we beat them all to the punch. After a short visit I was off to scan and document the items before I had to return them. That day was the first time I saw one of Norm’s custom pieces of woodwork in person. Mel is quite the pool player and uses the best of cues.

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You Can’t Beat an Ugly Stick

Joe Klinkhardt’s cane by Norm Grabowski is more than a twisted ugly stick.

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