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The NormSkull Book

NormSkull: Featuring the hand carved skulls of Norm Grabowski

Norm Grabowski

Announcing a short run publishing of NormSkull, a collection of wood works by Norm Grabowski

Expected in the third quarter of 2024, Rumpsville will offer a 60 page hard bound book featuring a photographic collection of over 200 uniquely hand carved wooden skull themed sculptures produced by Norm Grabowski between 2000-2010. Drop a message in the comments for more details.

Norm Grabowski is a well known hotrod enthusiasts and innovator, actor and comedian.

The Evil One


Several years ago I received a group of images from old pal Flattop Bob. Some where between breaking my arm twice, I misplaced the images and frankly I forgot I even had them. Here are a few pictures of a very unusual trophy piece. I believe this Normskull was created in 2007.

P8080013.JPG P8080010.JPG