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Looking Back to 1960 L.A. Roadster Show

grabowski-1960-show-sundayNorm Grabowski at the 1960 L.A. Roadster Show

We take a look back at the 1960 L.A. Roadster Show, seeing some of the history behind what is now known as the ‘the greatest roadster show on earth’.

Source: Looking Back to 1960 L.A. Roadster Show

Our Veterans Kept on Giving

There are two things I enjoy telling folks about Rumpsville and my roadster. First off Rumpsville is a state of mind steeped in respect and the stewardship of our hobby.

By most accounts the car culture of the 50’s is a product of the servicemen, who upon returning to the states hopped up, raced and customized their vehicles. Today we acknowledge our servicemen and their contributions to HOT RODDING.


Sgt W. R. Reesman 1970 Da Nang Vietnam

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The History of the Rumspville Roadster Pt.1


When a hot rod has been on the road for 30 years, remained unchanged and has been handed down from father to son, there have to be a story to be told.


The Rumpsville Roadster was built by my father in 1980. He had several project cars leading up to this car. The chassis was set up several years prior, featuring a traditional split wishbone, nine inch ford rear-end supporting the chassis with a 1940 ford buggy spring and late 50s manual brakes with a large lug pattern all the way around.

By 1982 the car was in Austin and on the road. Making most of the runs in central Texas over the next 8 years, the car would pop up in Street Rodder magazine, Street Scene magazine, automotive TV commercials, calendars and music videos.

April89.jpgPrior to the Continental Club’s large presents as Austin’s hang out for rodders, a common hang out was a place on the drag called Dirty’s.

Note: The music video link is Asleep at the Wheel’s Hotrod Lincoln music video filmed at Dirty’s and featured local cars including the Rumpsville roadster and my father in a gimme hat. More to come.