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The NormSkull Book

NormSkull: Featuring the hand carved skulls of Norm Grabowski

Norm Grabowski

Announcing a short run publishing of NormSkull, a collection of wood works by Norm Grabowski

Expected in the third quarter of 2024, Rumpsville will offer a 60 page hard bound book featuring a photographic collection of over 200 uniquely hand carved wooden skull themed sculptures produced by Norm Grabowski between 2000-2010. Drop a message in the comments for more details.

Norm Grabowski is a well known hotrod enthusiasts and innovator, actor and comedian.

Looking Back to 1960 L.A. Roadster Show

grabowski-1960-show-sundayNorm Grabowski at the 1960 L.A. Roadster Show

We take a look back at the 1960 L.A. Roadster Show, seeing some of the history behind what is now known as the ‘the greatest roadster show on earth’.

Source: Looking Back to 1960 L.A. Roadster Show

Norm Grabowski, the Entertainer

Norm Grabowski and his unique skull shifters and other hand carved oddities have been the centerpiece of this site since it’s inception in 1995. I spent the next 17 years visiting with Norm and collecting pictures of his normskulls for fun and documentation. Norm was an entertainer, who always held court and made sure everyone had a great time. It was an honor to sit at the table and break bread, drink, and drink and drinks more. The article below comes from the archives of Hot Rod magazine. sit back and enjoy the read.

Norm Grabowski was a well known entertainer and woodcarver, but he’s best known to us as the hot rodder who created one of the most famous hot rods in history.

Source: Norm Grabowski, the Entertainer


Skull of the Day

This one is on a cane owned Joe Klinkhardt. Carved by Norm Grabowski.




Skull of the Day

Norm Skull