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I once saw a bungatti in Florida

In the mid 90’s I was in Orlando enjoying a little family vacation. I believe we were at the Universal Studios for the day. There was a section of buildings where the Terminator 2 amusement was located. This section had window fronts with various items. I guess I should have remembered the theme. But either way I did spot what to me was the greatest surprise of the trip. I just so excited as I looked around for someone to tell about the small vehicle in the window.

Thumbnail image for vondutch_bungatti.jpgImage from the April 1989 Rod & Custom “Von Dutch The Legend Lives” by Pat Ganahl

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Time To Break Out Some Long Lost Content

About 5 years ago all my Rumpsville projects came to a stop when I broke my arm skateboarding. After several months of downtime I had to focus on work and by then I had forgotten about the stories I had lined up and photos that needed to be posted. My family and I moved into a new house, I broke my arm again, then more downtime followed. I am solid, still skateboarding and I have found the time to further my Rumpsville project.

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Von Dutch Goes French

The Von Dutch Brand has been sold to a French discount shoe company named Royer. Here and here are links to the translated articles. One states the American Von Dutch brand was started in the 30’s and mentions Kenny Howard by name several times as part of the branded name. 

Von Dutch Doll Up Stripes

VDStripes01.jpgThumbnail image for VDStripes03.jpg 

Doll-up your ride with these fancy decals by Von Dutch. Found these on E-bay awhile back, wonder how many they sold. Click image to see a larger version.

VDStripes04.jpgVDStripes05.jpgThumbnail image for VDStripe02.jpg

Ed Roth Interviewing Kenneth Howard

This is a video of Ed Roth interviewing Kenneth “Von Dutch” Howard. It is not a new post but I enjoyed watching it and thought it would make a good test for an embedding  a video. Enjoy.