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Classy Skull Shifter…


Handmade By Norm Grabowski
Owner Joe Paplosky
Circa 2006

Flat-top Bob’s Franken Shifter

This is one of many Norm Grabowski skull shifters that Flat-top Bob Owens has in his collection. This particular handcarved shifter knob was in Norm’s Kookie 2 vehicle for a few years and can be seen in several promotional posters and photos of Norm.





The Evil One


Several years ago I received a group of images from old pal Flattop Bob. Some where between breaking my arm twice, I misplaced the images and frankly I forgot I even had them. Here are a few pictures of a very unusual trophy piece. I believe this Normskull was created in 2007.

P8080013.JPG P8080010.JPG

Still A Favorite Norm Skull

Doc Kinsfather owns several examples of Norm Grabowski’s woodworking skills. This picture was taken in 2008 and still remains one of my favorite pieces. Since then I know of several really cool pieces and they are nice but this one talks to me…  in my sleep.


Doc gave me the chance to climb into him custom hotdog rod for more pictures of his Norm Skull shifter and a smaller one in hand.

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