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Test for Facebook 2

Can everyone see this test post from the Rumpsville website?

Great Grand Mother using first ATM in hometown -Dewey OK

Great Grand Mother using first ATM in hometown -Dewey OK

Once a Year Ain’t Enuff

The folks at Both Barrels Promotions just announced that they are going to host a special spring edition of their popular event which has been held in September for the last 8 years. I guess once a year is not enough.

This year’s spring edition will be held May 2-3, 2015 at the Wilson County Fairgrounds 945 E. Baddour Parkway Lebanon, TN

Using A Boilerplate


Arin Cee says:
This is a test using a boilerplate.

The Boilerplate Text feature (hereafter Boilerplate Text) is now available! Instead of re-writing the same information over and over, users now have the ability to insert predefined and pre-formatted text into blog entries.

First entry in a year!

2013 – Launched MoveableType 5.2.2

What is this QR Code thing?

rumpsville.bmpThis is a QR code for Rumpsville. Actually I am testing the QR Code as a BMP file. I am providing a link to a PDF file containing the QR Code. A link to the PDF is here.