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Corrected A Few Errors, Still More Work To Do

104-0402_IMG.jpgCorrected the search and sign in errors although the sign in has no CSS so something is goofy there. In the mean time still no sign up required to post a comment. Look for the little bugs to be worked out fairly soon. 

Rumpsville Gets A Complete Off The Chassic Restoration

Welcome to a fresh Rumpsville site.
Since 1995 I have continued to update Rumpsville with new features and functionality. This is roughly the 8th edition and is the biggest leap thus far. I am dropping the Microsoft for Linux and instead of writing all the backend code.

I have adopted a blog style site while at the same time still offering Rumpsville’s original content with the ability to add your comments.

I want to encourage everyone to at least drop me one “Howdy” so I know you are still safe and sound.

Photo Album To Come

Normmug.jpgNorm Skulls and Rod Runs.
Next feature I am working on is to restore the photo albums which include skull shifters carved by Norm Grabowski.