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The 1956 Chevy Custom You Never Saw…Until Now!

One thing is for certain at the 2016 Detroit Autorama…you will see things you haven’t seen before, including this 1956 Chevy Custom!

Source: The 1956 Chevy Custom You Never Saw…Until Now!

Rolling Nostalgia Best Describes This 1941 Willys Gasser

This Poppy Red 1941 Willys gasser, known as the Hairy Hauler, is one of two cars Paul Zielsdorf races, the other being a ’38 Fiat Topolino altered.

Source: Rolling Nostalgia Best Describes This 1941 Willys Gasser

The Saga of Rumpsville, the Backstory.

In the newly updated section called “Saga of Rumpsville” or as the cover has it “Saga of Rumpville by Arin Cee” we have the complete CARtoon story of Rumpsville. I can only do this with special thanks to the Millar family and Pete Millar himself.

Before Pete passed away in 2003 I was in contact with him and had asked if he would look at my website and with his permission allow me to publish high resolution images of his original Saga of Rumpville. Needless to say he was very gracious and gave me his approval. After his passing I contacted the Millar family to make sure they were comfortable with me continuing the project. Without hesitation I was given the go ahead.

The website has gone through several revisions and the saga story fell to the waste side as technology changed and my vision of how the story should be presented changed. Recently, after a year long hiatus from Rumpsville I decided to create a new page simple called “Saga of Rumpsville“. I hope you enjoy the complete story reproduced from my very own first edition.

-Using their normal amount of ingenuity, the entire population of Rumpsville returned to the mainland now that they were convinced they were needed — Thus rodding assumed its helpful place on the national scene!

Merry Christmas From Rumpsville


Son of a Gunfighter