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Rumpsville Street Sign

Today I found that Amazon has a Rumpsville street sign available. I guess someone may want one so here is the link.
rumpsville sign.jpg

Just Because


Genuine Stella

2008 Genuine Stella, Mallossi 160 once over, 226 exhaust.

Von Dutch VW Sighting

Saturday I went on a scooter ride to the Antique Archeology space in Marathon Village here in Nashville. Mike Wolf has been around Nashville for some time and is best known from the TV show American Pickers.

VONDUTCH1.jpgMike has a love for scooters, bikes and motorcycles so a visit to his place seemed like a natural for me. The store has a great vibe, which sets off the décor behind the rusty gold concept.

I honestly do not know my motorcycles as well as some, but I do know a little about Von Dutch’s pinstriping style and that he did built some crazy stuff. I am guessing he put a VW in about anything he could. How about a VW on a Harley frame?

VONDUTCH2.jpgToday Mike had a great pick, found in Tennessee on display. Below are few vintage photos taken from the web and 2 pictures of the motorcycle in the Antique Archeology space.



On a side note: This is my second experience with walking into a garage and finding an unexpected surprise in the form of a Von Dutch vehicle. Kind of exciting!

Skull of the Day