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Von Dutch Goes French

The Von Dutch Brand has been sold to a French discount shoe company named Royer. Here and here are links to the translated articles. One states the American Von Dutch brand was started in the 30’s and mentions Kenny Howard by name several times as part of the branded name. 

Kelly & Son Article has a nice article about the Mitch Kelly of Kelly & Son. if you haven’t read Rumpsville’s bio on the Kellys it is located here.

“My junior year in high school I was working at a cabinet shop for six hours after school and four hours at the paint shop,” Kelly says.


Von Dutch Doll Up Stripes

VDStripes01.jpgThumbnail image for VDStripes03.jpg 

Doll-up your ride with these fancy decals by Von Dutch. Found these on E-bay awhile back, wonder how many they sold. Click image to see a larger version.

VDStripes04.jpgVDStripes05.jpgThumbnail image for VDStripe02.jpg