Bill Akin’s Indy Cars

Kurtis 500B Bardahl Special driven in the 1955 Indianapolis 500
Bill Akin had previously restored this car in it’s 1961 livery as the Autolite Special #5 (this car placed 6th in the 500 in ’61 driven by Lloyd Ruby)…this was his first attempt at completely restoring (many of the parts had to be made!) and it was completed in 1995.
The 1960 Epperly laydown roadster restored to it’s 1962 livery (Mid Continent Securities Special)…this car placed 12th in the ’62 Indy 500 driven by Don Branson. See more pictures of this car in it’s recent livery here.

Bill won his class (V-2) and the Tony Hulman Most Outstanding Open Wheel Race Car at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours delegance…this is truly the world’s most renowned car show…this makes 3 firsts, 2 Tony Hulman Awards, and 2 seconds for Bill’s cars.

BOWES+AT+MILWAUKEE+'12.jpgView a few more pictures of Bill Akin’s Indycars

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