Import Alliance Fall Meet

IMAG0206.jpgNashville TN: The Import Alliance was a big breath of fresh air on a very sunny afternoon.

This event took place at Two River’s Park, just off Briley Parkway east of downtown Nashville.

Like the Scion club from Kentucky which had several vehicles on hand, there were clubs from outside of Tennessee.

There were a few right hand drivers and a some really tight motors. The exhaust systems sounded very cool, others not so much.

IMAG0199.jpgI enjoyed the slammed imports with bike racks on the roof fitted with a couple of 20 inch BMXers.

BTW Two Rivers Park is the home to Nashville’s cement skateboard/bike park. So, there were several sessions.

IMAG0198.jpgThis little black number was fairly clean and I liked the blacked-out look, wheels and tires.

Overall, I have a few good pictures of a hand full of imports, but the bulk of the crowd could have cleaned and de-cluttered their vehicles and it would have made for a better show. Although no one was really making a show of it, so it was all cool.

From a hanging out with friends and making new ones, it was a ton of fun! I liked the fact it was local. The cars were cool and it was truely a different style event than I normally attend and it was ALL GOOD.   

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