R.I.P. Ed Woodard


I can not begin to describe how great the loss of Ed Woodard will weigh on the hot rod community in the Mid-Tennessee area. Mr. Woodard was a larger than life person who could hold court with the best of them.

Mr. Woodard worked for Holly and several other aftermarket brand names over the years. He was a car show promoter who brought in legends like Ed Roth and Norm Grabowski to the area in the early 60’s and continued to do so for the many years to follow.

I met Ed Woodard about 15 years ago. I had met Norm Grabowski previously and Norm asked were I was from. I told him I was actually new to the Nashville, Tennessee area and Norm replied “You need to call my old friend Ed Woodard”.

It did not take long to hunt down Mr. Woodard, he was well known within the the Mid-Tennessee hot rod community. I introduced myself and I immediately had a new friend. Mr. Woodard always made me feel welcome and continued to invite me into his circle of friends over the years that followed. I feel blessed that I was able to speak with him last month at a local rod run. Today I am reminded how honored I was to met Ed Woodard and all his close friends.

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