The Falcon has Flown

Remember the fish that got away or the guy who had a car and sold it only to pine years later…

Well, I sold my 1961 Ford Falcon a few weeks ago. Great little car and I hated to see her go, but I have had other projects on my mind. The new owner was completely jazzed and being a previous owner of a Falcon he was beside himself to be behind the wheel again.










This Falcon is a 2 door with a straight 6 cylinder 144ci with a 3 speed transmission on the column. Correct rims and caps with no fancy shiny bits, this clean ride will be missed. 


2011-03-01_09-27-04_376.jpgThe black and red interior was in great shape along with the carpeting.









2011-03-01_09-28-07_275.jpgStock 144 ci straight 6 with a glass bottom fuel pump, mustard top coil, and windshield washer bag with manual pump.








2011-03-01_09-28-33_958.jpgTruck was clean and complete with jack, handle and spare tire with matching correct rims. Note the OE packing between the wheel well and body panel.








2011-03-01_09-27-46_634.jpgA fitting final photo, a little sun glare and bottle-top hub caps.








To Falcon the got away, cheers and many more miles!  

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