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The Evil One


Several years ago I received a group of images from old pal Flattop Bob. Some where between breaking my arm twice, I misplaced the images and frankly I forgot I even had them. Here are a few pictures of a very unusual trophy piece. I believe this Normskull was created in 2007.

P8080013.JPG P8080010.JPG

Norm at the 2009 Buckethead Bash

Norm was the guest of honor at the pre- event party at BC’s. As usual Norm greeted all as old friends and dropped a freestyle rap on all. 

This is a video glimpse into the Spirit Industries “Family & Friends” dinner held at the new manufacturing plant on 201 North in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

This week is the celebration of the Open House for Spirit Cars as well as the “Buckethead Bash” national meet n’ greet held annually in Mountain Home.

The area is full of hot rods, causing heads to turn with every pass of bright colors and roaring engines.

The Bucketheads will be here through Saturday, with a big show on the Baxter County Fairgrounds starting at 9AM Saturday morning.


Hot rod legend Norm Grabowski built several motorcycles in the mid 60’s. Best known is the “Six Pack” a corvair powered motorcycle. The bike had several incarnations, one which included a sidecar or sidehack.

Photo Album To Come

Normmug.jpgNorm Skulls and Rod Runs.
Next feature I am working on is to restore the photo albums which include skull shifters carved by Norm Grabowski.