I once saw a bungatti in Florida

In the mid 90’s I was in Orlando enjoying a little family vacation. I believe we were at the Universal Studios for the day. There was a section of buildings where the Terminator 2 amusement was located. This section had window fronts with various items. I guess I should have remembered the theme. But either way I did spot what to me was the greatest surprise of the trip. I just so excited as I looked around for someone to tell about the small vehicle in the window.Thumbnail image for vondutch_bungatti.jpgImage from the April 1989 Rod & Custom “Von Dutch The Legend Lives” by Pat Ganahl

It was simply amazing because I walked up and could not believe there sat a Bungatti. The Bungatti, never actually finished, was vehicle was intended to be a miniature roadster. At the time of this picture it was owned by Jim Brucker.

That’s right, this one off prototype which was later completed by Von Dutch sat in a window front. Kenneth Howard installed a Crosley engine, detailed, polished and pinstriped the roadster. I took a few pictures and included them below. Unfortunately the glass glare is terrible, but I think the details come across.

Details, I can honestly say I knew that was an original Von Dutch vehicle at 50 ft. Well I might have had to get closer, to over come my disbelief. But any person who has ever seen pictures of Von Dutch’s work would have been drawn to this Bugatti like a moth to a flame. I felt so lucky that day just to notice a small car in an amusement park. Truly amusing!

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bungatti1.jpg bungatti2.jpgbungatti3.jpgbungatti4.jpg

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