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Goodguys Nashville was outstanding, again!

This years Goodguy’s Nashville Nationals was outstanding in several respects. First the cars and vendors were top notch. Second the people, between the participants and the spectators it was not clear who had more fun. Finally the change in date, moving the event up a month made for a cooler day.

Although Sunday was a little hotter then Friday and Saturday the smaller crowd and the awards ceremony made for a nice closing day. We will be looking forward to next year!

Regrettably, I never seem to take very many pictures. I did manage to snap this one of a vehicle that cruised around quite a bit, seems to be an early model Port-A-John of some type.

Rumpsville’s Archives Flood


Nashville, TN 02-05-2010 – Rumpsville’s archive and magazine collection which was located in the basement of the main building was flooded in the recent storms that passed through the Nashville area. All items were in plastic tubs which worked very well protecting the bulk of the 1970 and later years of Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Street Rodding and Street Scene.

Unfortunately one container of early 1950’s Hot Rod Magazines were dampened when waters actually rose high enough to tip the 80+ pound tub. Only a small amount of water made it into the container but that is all it takes. After placing each magazine on a large cardboard sheet and letting them dry most are salvageable, all a little crisper than before but still readable.

As for having a magazine collection strung across your shop floor… sure does open our eyes to the articles and pictures that are still fun to read and muse.

I once saw a bungatti in Florida

In the mid 90’s I was in Orlando enjoying a little family vacation. I believe we were at the Universal Studios for the day. There was a section of buildings where the Terminator 2 amusement was located. This section had window fronts with various items. I guess I should have remembered the theme. But either way I did spot what to me was the greatest surprise of the trip. I just so excited as I looked around for someone to tell about the small vehicle in the window.

Thumbnail image for vondutch_bungatti.jpgImage from the April 1989 Rod & Custom “Von Dutch The Legend Lives” by Pat Ganahl

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Time To Break Out Some Long Lost Content

About 5 years ago all my Rumpsville projects came to a stop when I broke my arm skateboarding. After several months of downtime I had to focus on work and by then I had forgotten about the stories I had lined up and photos that needed to be posted. My family and I moved into a new house, I broke my arm again, then more downtime followed. I am solid, still skateboarding and I have found the time to further my Rumpsville project.

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In Memory of Maynard A. Albertson


Maynard Albertson, owner of the nationally-known Konocti Motor Company in Lower Lake CA. was killed in a fatal crash in one of his custom hot rods.