Rumpsville’s Archives Flood


Nashville, TN 02-05-2010 – Rumpsville’s archive and magazine collection which was located in the basement of the main building was flooded in the recent storms that passed through the Nashville area. All items were in plastic tubs which worked very well protecting the bulk of the 1970 and later years of Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Street Rodding and Street Scene.

Unfortunately one container of early 1950’s Hot Rod Magazines were dampened when waters actually rose high enough to tip the 80+ pound tub. Only a small amount of water made it into the container but that is all it takes. After placing each magazine on a large cardboard sheet and letting them dry most are salvageable, all a little crisper than before but still readable.

As for having a magazine collection strung across your shop floor… sure does open our eyes to the articles and pictures that are still fun to read and muse.

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